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First impressions matter in life and real estate. Whether they realize it or not, home buyers are so influenced by their first impression of a property they’ll decide within a matter of seconds if they’re interested or not. No pressure!

That’s where paint comes in. When a home’s paint is chipping, bubbling, dirty, or fading, it gives people the impression the rest of the property is in disrepair. 

Paint Helps to Sell a Home Fast

The relatively small investment of painting a home before putting it on the market is critical to selling it quickly and increases market value.

Sold sign in front of bright home

Paint Helps Buyers See Past Your Personality

You may love bright, bold colors. But buyers might have a harder time seeing themselves living in your home. On the other hand, a bright and neutral color palette can refresh and modernize a home.

Paint Brightens up Rooms

A fresh coat of paint in the right shade can help bring life into a space and highlight architectural elements and features. The right color can also make a smaller room look larger. And who doesn’t want that?!

Paint Helps Give That WOW FACTOR

As I mentioned, color goes a long way in creating first impressions. A fresh coat of paint immediately gives hopeful buyers peace of mind and that highly sought-after WOW factor. 

The decision to paint is easier than the decision to move, especially when you’re working with the professionals at Gables & Grove. We can give your home that “buy me” look while you deal with all the other aspects of moving. Reach out to me; I’m always available to give advice and schedule an appointment for an estimate.

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