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“We believe that it’s important to always look for new methods and products that could ultimately lead to better ways of doing things. We’ve discovered and have been using a revolutionary product in the construction, renovation, and painting industry—Systexx wallcoverings by Vitrulan. It’s amazing!”
– Andrew, Gabes & Grove Painting

Have you recently purchased a new home and are looking at a major renovation project before you can move in? Maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade your home by installing a new office, or creating a more open concept and need to change around your walls. We know how most homeowners feel at the thought of living in the midst of a renovation or completing your project so you can move in. Gables and Grove is here to help! We understand the importance of completing a project timely, with the least amount of unforeseen construction surprises and mess possible. When your project is ready for drywall installation, texture removal, or popcorn ceiling removal, let us help you with the newest technology we love putting to use. 
What is this new product that’s poised to revolutionize the interior finishing industry? Systexx, manufactured in Germany, is a wall and ceiling covering made of a textile-fiberglass fabric that adheres in a similar way as wallpaper. Gables & Grove Painting is one of the first certified installers of this product in the entire United States!

If you’ve ever undergone new construction or extensive renovations you’ll know the process involves many phases—and a whole lot of dust, dirt, and mess!. Traditionally, interior walls need to be taped and mudded and sanded, usually multiple times to gain a smooth surface ready for priming and painting. This multi-step process is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and very dusty. With Systexx we can cut out many of the dusty and time-consuming steps and go straight to painting, saving a whole lot of time and money… no dust!

What’s more, Systexx offers many aesthetic pleasing options, including various textures, imprints, and even custom design embossing if you want to go the extra mile. The pure white foundation of Systexx once it dries and hardens, will make your paint brighter and more vivid than ever before. Systexx fiberglass coverings have been the standard of interior finishing in Europe for over twenty years and we’re thrilled that Gables & Grove is the first to offer it to our clients here in the U.S. 

If all of that doesn’t convince you it’s a great solution, Systexx is also:
•    Fire resistant
•    Hypo-allergenic
•    Abrasion resistant
•    Breathable
•    Climate controlling 
•    Offered in a variety of different textures

Systexx wall

Are you curious about the process? Reach out to us. Let’s schedule a time when you can join us on one of our job sites so I can show you how we install this fantastic product. Gables & Grove will help you get back to your home or business in the least time possible, and with the least mess! We’re committed to a perfect finish and great service.